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Many systemic diseases can present signs in the eyes. Here is an overview of the most common eye diseases we encounter in our practice:

Diabetic and Hypertensive Retinopathy

Many diabetic patients are unaware that their blood sugar greatly influences their eyes. Diabetes can have devastating effects on your ocular health, including prescription changes, bleeding and blindness. Hypertension can trigger similar findings in the retina. Early detection and prevention are important in maintaining healthy eyes. Compliance with your medications, controlling your diet, exercising regularly, and staying away from alcohol and cigarettes are a must when dealing with these conditions.

Macular Degeneration

This is a leading cause of blindness in America. It causes progressive loss of your ability to focus and recognize letters faces and objects. Internal damage to the retina causes the tissue to die, bleed, or scar, causing an image to be unclear. Though vitamins and laser treatments can slow the progression of certain forms of this disease, it remains without a cure.


Since patients usually do not feel any symptoms, this disease can go undiagnosed for many years if comprehensive eye examinations are not preformed yearly. In glaucoma, a failure in the internal drainage system of the eye may cause a build up of fluid inside which leads to an increase of pressure. The fragile nerve fiber layer can sustain damage from that pressure, resulting in permanent peripheral vision loss. Like diabetes, glaucoma can be controlled with medication and/or surgery, but not cured.


A lifetime exposure of UV light, poor diet, or trauma to the eye can cause cataracts to appear over time. As you protect your skin from the harmful UV rays, remember to also wear good sunglasses. Your optometrist has all the tools to examine for cataracts, discuss the surgical options and recommend the best surgeon to restore your vision. Many lens options are now available to correct your vision, all in the same procedure.

Dry Eyes

Your work environment, contact lenses, other health conditions, and medications have the potential to decrease the quantity or quality of your tear film, creating dry eyes. Many options are available to treat your symptoms and prevent further irritation.

Ocular Allergies

Patients in the South Florida area know that seasonal allergies are part of their lives. Even when treating your runny nose and congestion, you may still experience itchy, watery eyes. Let us take the time to examine your eyes and recommend the best ocular medications to relieve your symptoms.